Our Healthcare Search and Selection process

This initial recruitment process is conducted via the telephone and last around half an hour per candidate. During this time we look to ascertain that the candidate has; skills, abilities, reasons for changing jobs, working strengths and weaknesses, key achievements, motivational drivers and their management style. By understanding these key components, we will be able to determine whether the candidate will be successful in their new role. Whilst also ensuring we are employing only the highest quality of staff.
The approach for senior / board level / management, or hard to fill roles is varied depending on the individual requirements of our clients. Upon commitment, Health Care HR will work with you in a variety of different ways. We help create the job profile and candidate briefing document, create a target list, carry out all approaches and conduct initial telephone pre-screen interviews. We will then devise a recommended short list, facilitate all client interviews, and the recruitment process.
Perfect Candidate

Healthcare Candidate Profiling

HRUK Group are able to support with ‘job’ profiling, as well as carry out ‘personal profile analysis’ reports on potential candidates (this is normally used as a tool from 2nd interview stage onwards). This is an extremely valuable tool in gaining an insight into a candidate’s working strengths, key drivers and behaviour, within the work place.

Online and featured Job Adverts

HRUK Group is able to offer discounted rates for client branded adverts, via several online mediums. This style of advert can achieve a ten-fold response.

Salary and Industry Surveys

Benchmarking can be a valuable tool in order to ensure you are being competitive. we will work with you to ascertain the information you require. We will then use our wide industry knowledge, and contacts, to ascertain this information. All surveys are treated with the strictest of confidence.